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Communication Technology Ltd,

希悌電信通訊器材有限公司 23511 新北市中和區建八路2號14樓之2 統一編號: 80476674

14F-2.,No.2, Jian 8th Rd.,Jhonghe Dist.,New Taipei City 23511,Taiwan, R.O.C
Tel: 886-2-8226-2

688 Fax: 886-2-8226-2900 E-mail: sales@ctcom.com.tw Website: www.ctcom.com.tw

Communication Technology Ltd., was established in 2003 by the team of experienced engineers. From the beginning our mission was to develop the telecom products and system solutions. As it is now, we can have 3 product lines and R&D department.

  • IP Network products
  • Wireless Telecommunication Products
  • Application products

In the IP Network products we developed the IP PABX, Router, Digital Gateway, Switch hardware and software. Software based on Linux. Hardware based on Analog Device, Blackfin.
For the Software we also have A SIP server, WEB interfaces, network management interfaces, SNMP, and many other software. For the new design products we now making the ATA products. In the Wireless Telecommunication Products we developed digital radio system with our own digital protocol. Our wireless products mostly working in UHF band. Also in VHF and HF. For the Hardware part we Have Base stations, Repeaters, Car Radios and Handheld radios.
As a combination with our Application products as anew product, we designed the first in the world digital radio under Google Android operation system. Together with the digital, high level voice quality, radio has a lot of advanced features and functions. For the software part users can use all benefits of the Google android, Including Google Map. For the Hardware we integrated GSM, WIFI,GPS, Accelerometer and digital compass.
For the new design we now design new RF with QAM modem. With speed up to 96 Kbps.
In the Application products line we mostly design products based on ARM (Marvell) and X86 (Intel). We trying our best to use most updated technologies for our Application Products. In ARM product line we are using PXA310 and Armada 510 for the Hardware. We have different operation systems. Recommender Operation system for the ARM based products is Google Android.
In X86 we are using Intel solutions. N and D types CPUs. Tunnel Greek CPU. We have different operation systems. Recommender Operation system for the X86 based products ARE Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.
Using ARM and X86 CPU we make number of different application products.
Video Telephones, UMPC, MID, Set Top Boxes.
Our mission is to develop to the market useful, friendly, nicely designed products. Using most updated technologies.