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Intel® Atom™ Processors 400 and 500 Series with Intel® NM10 Express Chipset

This platform features the Intel® Embedded Flexible Design to enable scalability while delivering robust performance. The processors are available in dual- and single-core options with memory support up to DDR3 800 MHz. The chipset provides rich I/O capabilities offering solutions for many embedded applications.

  1. Integrated graphics and memory controller: Supports lower power and smaller form factor footprint.
  2. Intel® Streaming SIMD Extensions (SSE) 2 and Intel® SSE3: Enables faster data processing in complex arithmetic/video decoding.
  3. Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology: Increases system responsiveness in multi-tasking environments.
  4. Power Savings: Enhanced Intel® Deeper sleep states (select SKUs) and dynamic L2 cache sizing.